• Labatt Brewing Company

    Commercial video production.

Recruitment for the Merchandiser and Sales Rep positions are crucial to Labatt. In fact, over 85% of Labatt’s workforce started in one of these 2 postions. The ideal Labatt employee will spend 6-months in either of these positions before quickly moving up the ranks. We saw countless examples of Managers, Executives, VPs and even Presidents within the company that started their careers off in these positions.
We concluded that although these positions aren’t glamorous nor fancy, they can lead to great things— THIS is the story we wanted to tell. While developing the concept for this project we decided that there was no point in sugar-coating these positions– it’s hard work, and in the case of the merchandiser position, you’re looking at early mornings with heavy lifting. Labatt has a work-hard-play-hard culture, and we wanted to put this at the forefront in the campaign.

Our philosophy is blending the commercial with the creative.