Content marketing is no trend — it’s transforming how businesses communicate and connect with consumers. In the new digital world order, video is king.

Video has all the elements of shareable storytelling: imagery, audio and text. But in order to drive ‘reel’ results, you must create something people want to watch. For content marketing that is engaging and entertaining, your organization needs video production expertise.

5 Pound Media is more partner than production agency, collaborating with you to craft brand-building content that will perform on any platform.

Video production isn’t picking one technique or another though — we do what needs to be done to tell the story. 5 Pound Media offers seamless service at every stage: pre-production, production and post-production.

We specialize in all types of video production:

  • Web and TV content
  • Advertising
  • Corporate explainers, product demos, how-tos and testimonials
  • Music videos
  • Event coverage
  • Animation
  • Stop motion
  • Whatever you need to tell your story


Our Montreal production agency is here to turn your vision into video. Whether you have an idea in mind or you want us to brainstorm something for you, we will meet with you to develop a concept and strategy tailored to your objectives.

After the creative strategy has been finalized, a producer will organize our ideas into a production treatment. This will paint a picture of your final product before any camera starts rolling.
We then get to work on scheduling a shoot date, and sourcing locations and talent. 5 Pound Media will review and cast the best actors and models to ensure your content marketing looks on-brand, while staying on-budget.


Lights, camera, action! Our Montreal-based production agency includes directors, cinematographers and videographers who are passionate visual storytellers ready to turn our concept into creative genius.


In post-production, 5 Pound Media will review all footage and begin building the story and structure of the video.
Next is editing, where we put all the elements of the production together. We review the edit in-house until we are ready to send you a first cut for your feedback. Your comments are essential to the final product. This is your vision — we are here to bring it to life. We will address your feedback in the edit; typically, there are two rounds of revisions on a video production.

Attention to detail is our thing. We colour grade to ensure your final video is crisp, and fine-tune and design the audio so your vision (literally) speaks for itself.


5 Pound Media will send you a digital package of all video production assets including the final cut of the video, content for social media and the license(s) of any music used.

Now that you have your video, need a hand executing your social media and digital plan? We can help publish and distribute your content across all platforms and ensure strategy translates into success.