5 Pound Media is a Montreal production agency specializing in video production and commercial photography. We help entrepreneurs, established companies and young startups find and refine their voices through creative and strategic marketing tactics.

5 Pound Media is more partner than production agency, collaborating with you to craft brand-building content that will perform on any platform.

With a portfolio spanning Montreal, Toronto, New York City, Chicago, Austin, Las Vegas and Nashville, what started as a two-man team doing videography and photography has evolved into a growing network of content marketing collaborators.

From photographers to writers to designers, we know that —unlike our hometown— creativity is not an island. It’s about reaching out and tapping into the talented resources around us.

Our philosophy is blending the commercial with the creative. We’re not a big agency, but we don’t like the word “boutique”. We’re small, we’re creative and we’re not afraid to take on massive projects — and deliver huge results.

  • Content Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Social Media

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