Social media. Smartphones. Selfies. If a picture is worth a thousand words, visually driven technology is speaking volumes — and changing the way companies connect with customers. As digital content marketing experts, we bring strategy, skill and style behind the lens.

Strong imagery can be the cornerstone of a branding and content marketing strategy. This is where our expertise in commercial and e-commerce photography can show your company in its best light. 5 Pound Media will partner with you through every stage of the production process, ensuring all images exceed your brand’s standards.

5 Pound Media sees the big picture. Across photography and videography, we have a track record of versatile, visually stunning results. To us, it’s not one or the other — it’s both.

We specialize in all types of commercial photography:

  • Advertising and promotional
  • Product and ecommerce
  • Fashion and lifestyle
  • Stop motion
  • Food
  • Event
  • Portrait


5 Pound Media will transform your imagination into incredible imagery. We will collaborate with and guide you in establishing a visual direction, assess how many assets your project needs and plan how to produce them. Our team excels at conceptualization and strategy, though we are equally expert in executing your vision too.

After setting the style and direction, we begin researching and scheduling your shoot. Need a studio? A stylist specialized in ecommerce photography? A celebrity hair and makeup artist? We will gather the necessary resources to capture your concept.

A dedicated producer will organize your photoshoot’s details into a production treatment so every element is always in focus.


Our Montreal production agency includes a network of in-house and freelance photographers. Each is a professional artist passionate about creating lifestyle and commercial photography. We trust their cred and creativity to bring every vision to life — and so should you.


During post-production, 5 Pound Media will review all assets and make necessary selections. Want to be part of the process? We can make a wide selection and let you narrow it down.

Editing is where we correct contrast, colour, skin tone and all other adjustable elements. We then review the images in-house before sending them for your approval.

Feedback is fundamental. This is your vision and we want you to be thrilled with what you see. We have no ego and are ready for revisions, though there usually aren’t many.

If the images are being used for ads or ecommerce photography, we will work with your team to ensure the cropping and graphic design placement is picture perfect.


Proud of the finished product? 5 Pound Media is here to help you display it. From crops for Instagram to compressed files for the web, our partnership doesn’t end with production.

Need a hand executing your social media and digital plan? We can help caption, publish and distribute your content across all platforms and ensure your strategy translates into success.