Our goal is pretty simple: we want to help you achieve that catalyst moment that propels your business to the stratosphere.

We’re helping a rising generation of startups, young entrepreneurs and artists find and refine their voices through strategic and creative marketing tactics alongside a full-service production team.

Montreal is an island. We are not.

Montreal is great — and it’s getting better.

If you want to create something, this is the city to be in. With a startup and tech scene attracting global talent and attention, as well as leading educational institutions and affordable living, Montreal is a hotbed of young, well-read professionals brimming with culture and creativity. It’s edgy. It’s progressive. It’s moving forward.

How do we know? Because we’re doing our bit to get it there.

With a portfolio spanning Montreal, New York City, Chicago and Austin, what started as a two-man team doing videography and photography has evolved into a growing network of collaborators. From writers to musicians to designers, we know that —unlike our hometown— creativity is not an island. It’s about reaching out and tapping into the talented resources around us. It’s about community. We are young entrepreneurs working with young entrepreneurs to help young entrepreneurs.

Working with fresh visionaries allows us not only to stay relevant but also reflexive and dynamic to your needs. Pound for pound, we can offer better customer service and more tailored work that’s still results-driven and measurable. We’re not a huge agency. We don’t like the word “boutique”, but we’re small, we’re creative and we’re not afraid to take on projects that challenge us.

We’re not content with just ‘content marketing’.

Content marketing is a buzzword.

Our philosophy is blending the commercial with the creative. By engaging Montreal’s best and brightest, our services and output can play to our strengths: edginess, youthfulness and inventiveness. We do more than content marketing; we do collaborative marketing.

Highly effective, highly connected, highly caffeinated. That’s how we roll.

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